Preserve and dispense typical gastronomic treasures of the Lucania is a challenge that we are passionate about.

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Upon a Time in Italy, many years ago, the shop: not a simple food but a real culinary lab that he knew to find, keep and dispense typical gastronomic treasures of the area, which can be enjoyed on site or take away.
Mindful of this precious tradition, Al Contadino Sotto Le Stelle has recreated for its patrons this treasure trove of culinary products of excellence, proposing in Berlin, in his Mozzarella Bar & Bottega careful selection of Italian DOP certified products, doc, dopg and / or from Slowfood principals, with dairy products, cheeses, meats and wines chosen among the best, directly from the production site. A gesture of love for a great tradition almost disappeared and an invitation to revive it with you, for you.



Mozzarella di bufala ai gusti: delicato o deciso (250 gr.)

Büffelnmozzarella, Geschmacksrichtung: mild oder delikat  9.50

Accompagnata a scelta da:mit “Begleitung” nach Wahl:

Prosciutto di Modena d.o.p 30 mesi, no OGM (Prosciutto d.o.p aus Modena no OGM) 2,50

Bresaola punta d’anca d.o.p. (Bündnerfleich von der Rinderkeule)

Filetti di alici di Cetara (Sardellenfilet aus Cetara)

Verdure di stagione alla griglia (gegrilltes Gemüse der Saison) 4.00

Pomodoro e basilico (Tomaten und Basilikum) 2.00

Mortadella al tartufo (Mortadella aus magerem Schweinefleisch mit schwarzen Trüffeln)                                                                                                3.00

Mozzarella di bufala affumicata, gusto piú deciso (250 gr.) Geräucherter Büffelmozzarella, Geschmacksrichtung: kräftig

Accompagnata a scelta da:mit “Begleitung” nach Wahl:

Mortadella di Bologna (Mortadella aus magerem Schweinefleisch)  2.00

Melanzane alla griglia (gegrillte Auberginen)  1.50

Burrata gusto molto delicato (250 gr.)   Burrata, Geschmacksrichtung: mild     10.00

Accompagnata a scelta da:mit “Begleitung” nach Wahl:

Pomodoro e basilico (Tomaten und Basilikum)

Verdure di stagione alla griglia (gegrilltes Gemüse der Saison) 4.00

Degustazione di mozzarelle

Piccola degustazione con due mozzarelle, a scelta tra i gusti:delicato, deciso, piú deciso e burrata (2 x 100 gr.) 9.50

Kleine Verkostung mit Zwei Mozzarella und vier Geschmacksrichtungen zur Auswahl: mild, delikat , kräftig und Burrata

Grande degustazione con mozzarelle:delicata, decisa, piú decisa, burrata e ricotta di bufala (5 x 100 gr.) 24.50

Große Verkostung mit: Mozzarella mild, delikat, kräftig, Burrata und Büffelricotta

Accompagnata a scelta da:mit “Begleitung” nach Wahl:

Olive taggiasche, verdure griglia, pomodoro e pesto 4.00

(Oliven „Taggiasche“, gergrilltes Gemüse, Tomaten und Basilikumpesto)

Mortadella, prosciutto d.o.p di Modena no OGM,
salame di Felino i.g.p. e bresaola punta d‘anca d.o.p. 4.00

(Mortadella, Prosciutto d.o.p.g. aus Modena, Salami di Felino i.g.p. und Bündnerfleisch) 6.50


Il prodotto Lucano nella cucina creativa del contadino tra modernitá e tradizione.
Die regionalen Produkte aus Lucania verbinden in der kreativen Contadinoküche die moderne und die traditionelle Kochkunst.

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Mediterranean Cuisine brought to You

We offer a catering service in Berlin for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and events. If you would like more information on our catering service, please send us an e-mail or call us. We’re here to accommodate all your needs!..



  • food quality, kindness and courtesy is the point of this restaurant.
    Francesca Agresta
    Francesca Agresta
  • In this restaurant I found the real kitchen Lucana and especially the quality of the food excellent.
    Cesare Labriola
    Cesare Labriola


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